The Quantum Amateur Radio & Technology Society is insured under the Radio Society of Great Britain’s insurance scheme for affiliated clubs…

  • for £10,000,000 public liability
  • for £10,000,000 products liability
  • in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, extending to include temporary trips abroad

The insurers will indemnify us in respect of our legal liability to pay damages (including costs and expenses) in respect of damage to third party property or injury to third party person for which we are deemed negligent in the course of the activities of Radio Society of Great Britain (Clubs).

This insurance policy is renewed annually at the end of June and we are happy to provide you with a copy of Proof of Insurance upon request.

Whilst it not a requirement of our insurance to create one, we have created a Health & Safety Risk Assessment that covers the activities we undertake as members of the society, both internally (regular and irregular meetings for members and visitors) and externally (one-off events held at other clubs or organisations).