Okay, you’ve been an Amateur radio operator now for a couple of years and you’re really in to it, but you want more; you want access to all the bands, using the maximum power available in the UK and you want all the other privileges that go with being at the top of your favorite hobby – it’s time to start studying on an Advanced Amateur Radio Course. This is the top level of amateur radio achievement and with it comes a lot of responsibility; so this course will have you delving in to electronics at component level, investigating radio communications at an electromagnetic level and putting it all together to gain a certificate that really means something (Advanced licence holders once had their course certificates validated by the City & Guilds and the course has got no easier since then).

Advanced Amateur Radio CourseMethod of studying on the Advanced Amateur Radio Course

At the moment this is a totally theoretical course and we’ll not beat about the bush; there’s a lot of hard studying to do in order to be successful, but the rewards are worth it. As with the Foundation and Intermediate courses, the Quantum Amateur Radio & Technology Society (QuARTS) provides a self-study course at this level. We will enroll you on the course a several months before the exam is to be sat and we’ll set you targets leading up to the big day.

We’ll provide you with lots of support during that time and provide you with access to our virtual classroom that is on-line twenty-four hours a day. There are plenty of resources in our virtual classroom with links to further reading together with forum that you can use to discuss topics, not just with your tutors, but with other students too.

Advanced Amateur Radio Course Assessments and Test

At the end of the course we’ll arrange for the exam to be held at our RSGB registered examination centree. This will usually be held on a Satruday afternoon, but we can arrange for a weekday evening if there is sufficient demand.

After the Advanced Amateur Radio Course

Once the test has been sat your exam paper needs to be sent off to the Radio Society of Great Britain’s (RSGB’s) HQ; there’s no local indicative marking at this level. Once they have confiirmed the result, they’ll inform Ofcom who will wait four you to apply for your new Advanced licence. This process takes about ten working days, during which time you should be thinking about what your new Advanced callsign should be.

On the air

Once your new callsign has been issued to you will be able to operate an Amateur Radio station, in accordance with the full rules and regulations applicable to Advanced Licence holders.

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