Having had some time to gain some experience in, and learn more about, the hobby you may well start thinking that you want to progress further; it’s time to start considering the Intermediate Amateur Radio Course. Upon successful completion you’ll be able to apply for an Intermediate licence that gives you access to more frequency allocations and higher permitted power levels.

Intermediate Amateur Radio CourseMethod of studying on the Intermediate Amateur Radio Course

It goes without saying that the Intermediate Amateur Radio Course takes you deeper in to electronics and communications. To many these will be completely new areas of investigation. You’ll find that there are a couple of ways of tackling this; through taught sessions over a number of weeks, or through self study. At the Quantum Amateur Radio & Technology Society (QuARTS) we specialise in self-study courses. We will enroll you on the course a few months before the exam is to be sat and we’ll set you targets leading up to the big day.

We’ll provide you with lots of support during that time and provide you with access to our virtual classroom that is on-line twenty-four hours a day. There are plenty of resources in our virtual classroom with links to further reading together with forum that you can use to discuss topics, not just with your tutors, but with other students too.

Intermediate Amateur Radio Course Assessments and Test

At the end of the course we’ll arrange a couple of days when you can come in and complete any practical assessments that need to be undertaken and have final revision sessions. They will include the exam at the end of the second day and will normally be held on successive weekends, though alternative arrangements can be made if there is the demand.

After the Intermediate Amateur Radio Course

Once the test has been sat you will be provided with an indicative result, but your exam paper needs to be cross-marked by someone at the Radio Society of Great Britain’s (RSGB’s) HQ. Once they have verified the result, they’ll inform Ofcom who will wait four you to apply for your new Intermediate licence. This process takes about ten working days, during which time you should be thinking about what your new Intermediate callsign should be.

If you are not successful with the exam don’t worry; your practical assessment results will remain valid for one year to give you enough time to revise and take the exam again without having to undertake the practical assessments.

On the air

Once your new callsign has been issued to you will be able to operate an Amateur Radio station, in accordance with the enhanced rules and regulations applicable to Intermediate Licence holders.

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