The maker movement is a growing community of folk who like to invent, design and tinker with all forms of technology and Liverpool Makefest is the north west’s biggest maker event.

Liverpool Makefest 2017 stands

Liverpool Makefest showcases hundreds of makers

This year saw hundreds of people visit Liverpool’s Central Library and more than 200 makers to experience live science experiments, get hands on with amazing technology, have a go at fun crafts, get close up with the latest inventions and have a play with gadgets that might just be the next big thing.

Quantum Technology Club at Liverpool Makefest

These makers varied from individuals, to clubs, businesses and education establishments. One of those in attendance was our very own Quantum Technology Club who was showcasing everything wireless and some projects that our members had recently built.

Quantum Technology Club @ Liverpool Makefest 2017

On display were…

  • A live amateur radio station capable of communicating with other licensed amateur radio stations around the world and out in to space.
  • The ever-popular Morse Code (CW) demonstration where visitors could have a go at sending a short message.
  • A remote control buggy that got quite a bit of interest
  • An aircraft tracking system that cost little more than £12 to make but which could track planes as far south as Southampton and not an Internet connection in sight.
  • A program written by one of beginners to coding that converted any text you entered in to accurate Morse Code.
  • A unique ribbon clock that displayed the time as a position on an LED ribbon rather than a standard clock-face.

Almost every member of the Quantum Technology Club was in attendance at the event which was really appreciated.

Roof-top views of Liverpool at Liverpool Makefest

We were concerned that the heavily overcast weather might dump some water on us, being located outside at the top of the building in order to accommodate the large antenna. However, we needn’t have worried as the day stayed dry and we were treated to marvelous views across the roof tops of Liverpool.

Red Arrows @ Liverpool Armed Forces Day 2017

Not only that, we were treated to one of the best views as the Red Arrows streaked across the sky as it was also Armed Forces Day and Liverpool seemed out in strength to show support for our country’s brave soldiers, sailors and airmen.

Liverpool Makefest 2018

We had an excellent day with lots of visitors showing interest in what we were demonstrating and offering as hands-on experiences. We’re already looking forward to Liverpool Makefest 2018.