Brickworks Project - Building on the Foundation

The Quantum Technology Club would like to congratulate all Foundation Licence holders on completing the course and passing the test. Your journey through our wonderful hobby is now about to begin and to help you get started we have devised the Brickworks scheme; a twelve month programme that will introduce you to many of the different activities that you can now undertake as a licensed amateur radio operator.

At the end of the scheme we will award you a certificate in recognition of what you have achieved during your first twelve months as a radio ham.

  • About the Brickworks scheme
  • How does it work? (Guidelines)
  • Meetings
  • Activities
  • Certification

How long does the Brickworks scheme last?

From the date you register on the project you have twelve months to complete it.

Who is the Brickworks scheme open to?

The scheme is open to all members of the Quantum Technology Club who are Foundation Licence holders, you don’t have to be newly licensed.

What’s more, you don’t have to leave the scheme if you upgrade to an Intermediate Licence with twelve months of registering, you can see the scheme out to it’s conclusion.

What does the Brickworks scheme consist of?

The scheme consists of a series of five special meetings and a series of activities that will help you to sample different activities that an amateur radio operator can do undertake within the hobby. Some activities are technical, some club-related, but all of them will help you to make the best out of your new hobby.

What do I get at the end of the Brickworks scheme?

There are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum certificates that recognise what you have achieved.

Don’t worry if you upgrade to an Intermediate licence, you’ve got twelve months from when you register to complete it.

This Brickworks scheme is designed to give newly licenced Amateur Radio operators all the support and help they need to get a good grounding in the hobby during their first twelve months. This will prove to be a good ‘foundation’ upon which to develop your specific interests in the hobby for the future.

During the scheme the club will host five special sessions that will give you the practical information you need to get started. These sessions will be run as one session per month and build upon the previous sessions.

In addition to this, there are a number of activities for participants to undertake at their leisure during the project which will result in the award of a certificate at the end.

The number of activities successfully completed will determine the level of certificate awarded, but all certificates demonstrate a level of competence to progress in the hobby.

We’ve deliberately kept the number of rules to a minimum; this scheme is designed to help you develop skills, not for us to dictate to you.

During your time on the Brickworks scheme we will arrange five sessions to help you engage in the hobby. These will include…

  1. Building your station. Choosing equipment, antennas and laying it all out.
  2. Operating on HF. How to use the features of your station to full effect.
  3. How to use propagation seasons to your advantage.
  4. Introducing digital modes.
  5. Contesting. Learn how to make contacts during one of the RSGB Affiliated Clubs contest under the guidance of an experienced club member.

Dates for these sessions can be found on our calendar.

The following activities are designed to demonstrate that you have been actively involved in the hobby during the programme. You don’t need to complete all of them; completing will qualify you for a Bronze award, six for a Silver award, ten for a Gold award and fifteen for a Platinum award.

  1. Attend six club meetings.
  2. Take part in your club’s Amateur Radio net on six separate occasions.
  3. Take on an active role in a special event station.
  4. Log contacts with fifty unique stations on the VHF/UHF bands using any mode*.
  5. Log contacts, from your home address, with stations in four of the following countries; England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man*.
  6. Log contacts with twenty-five unique stations on the HF bands using phone/CW modes*.
  7. Activate a SOTA summit.
  8. Log contacts with twenty-five unique stations using digital data modes on any band.
  9. Log and record contacts with five unique stations using image modes (SSTV, FSTV, etc.).
  10. Log contacts with stations in ten Worked All Britain (WAB) squares*.
  11. Make ten successful contacts during a contest.
  12. Introduce someone to the hobby that subsequently passes a Foundation course.
  13. Make a piece of equipment for your shack.
  14. Undertake an official long-term role within your club.
  15. Log contacts with twenty unique stations using digital voice modes (Dstar, DMR, System Fusion).
  16. Use Amateur Radio to raise money for a charity.
  17. Make a fifteen minute presentation to your club on a radio-related topic of your choice.
  18. Take part in a RAYNET event.
  19. Organise an activity for your club.
  20. Become a member of the RSGB.

*Repeater contacts do not count towards this activity.

The Quantum Technology Club will award those that complete the Brickworks scheme with a colourful certificate to reward you for your hard work and to recognise your achievements.

There are four awards available and as you achieve each level we will provide you with the relevant certificate.

All awards require you to have attended at least three of our Brickworks sessions where you will get practical information to help you setup and run your station effectively.

Experienced members are always on hand to help and answer your questions, even after the project has finished.

Once you have achieved one award, you may continue to work towards the next award until your twelve months on the scheme expires. You may apply for your award up to three months after your time on the scheme expires, but only sessions attended and activities completed within the twelve months will count.

AwardSession to be attendedActivities to be completed