The Quantum Technology Club is a ‘maker’ club, ‘hacker’ club, ‘makerspace’, ‘hackspace’, call it what you will. Read on for more details.

There is a growing interest in technology from an amateur and hobby perspective, not just amongst young people but right across the age range.

There are many aspects of technology that are enjoyed by hobbyists, they include: electronics, computer coding, wireless technologies, amateur radio, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and techno-crafting.

We found that there are organisations in the big cities (Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, etc.) that cater for amateur and hobby technologists, but there’s very few places for them to practice and hone their skills, learn new ones and meet with others to share knowledge outside these areas. So we formed the Quantum Amateur Radio & Technology Society to address the problem.

We have started two groups that address the issue; one for young folk (aged 9-16) called the Quantum Code Club and one for everyone else (aged 16+) called the Quantum Technology Club.

Our mission

The Quantum Technology Club exists to enable members to:

  • Learn about technology
  • Share technology with other members
  • Experiment with technology
  • Make technical things
  • Enthuse other members
  • Share technology with the public

What do we do at the Quantum Technology Club?

Our main areas of focus are:

  • Electronics
  • Computing
  • Computer coding
  • Wireless technologies
  • Amateur radio
  • Techno-crafting (3D printing, laser cutting, programmable embroidery, etc.)