You do not need to join the Quantum Amateur Radio & Technology Society to attend our Technology Club meetings; our activities are for everyone to enjoy, member or not. So why should you join Quantum?


We charge an small entrance fee to everyone that attends Quantum meetings. This is to cover the cost of the venue and refreshments and to enable us to purchase equipment for use at our meetings.

Non-members pay £3.00 per meeting whilst members enjoy a reduced entrance fee of £1.50 that more than saves the cost of membership.

Have your say

Everyone who joins the Quantum Technology Club has a say in how the club is organised and operated; every full member is automatically enrolled as a committee member.

Make a contribution

All members have the opportunity to undertake a role within the club. There are three committee officers (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer), but loads of other jobs to be done too; e.g. publicity, membership, event organisation, cooking the Pizza, etc.

Low cost membership

Download Membership Form
Download Membership Form

We deliberately keep our membership fees low to encourage as many people as possible, of 16 years of age and above, to join. We don’t have concessions, everyone pays the same low fee of £10 per year.

Anybody under the age of 16 who is interested in joining the Quantum Technology Club will be enrolled in the Quantum Code Club which free of charge.

Join now and enjoy the benefits

We hope to have an on-line membership page on the web site soon. But in the mean time you can download a membership form and come to any of our meetings to join on-the-spot.