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Brickworks, from the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB), is an exciting and fun way to build on what you have learned on your Foundation Course. It enables you to learn more about your new hobby, build your confidence, gain a greater understanding of how to get the best out of your equipment and enjoy new experiences.

Brickworks Accredited Clubs, appointed by the RSGB, run the scheme and commit to support all licensed amateur radio operators by running a varied and creative range of activities to help you gain confidence, increase your knowledge, expand your understanding, and give you a great experience of different aspects of the hobby.

The scheme revolves around a prescribed set of activities that we will introduce and give you the knowledge required to complete, all the time supported by your fellow members. The activities are not only designed to open up new aspects of the hobby, but to also to engage you more in the club, and the hobby itself, so that you can progress on to become the people that the next generation of radio amateurs will come to for support.

As you progress and complete the activities we will reward you with certificates that recognise the work and effort put in to broadening your understanding of the hobby – all of the time recognising that this is a fun hobby that you can enjoy in your spare time.

The twenty-three activities are centred around five main themes …

  • Having a go – trying out different modes, having a go at a space contact, using different bands, etc.
  • Getting involved – entering a contest, conquering the local summit and making some contacts whilst out portable, chasing some awards, or maybe getting involved with a special event station .
  • Taking part – joining a local club and getting involved with its regular activities and even its organisation and running thereof.
  • Making – producing something that might not only be useful to you, but maybe sharing it with others too.
  • Promoting the hobby – by maybe helping out at a rally or exhibition, or getting involved in a training course (not everyone has to be a teacher – there are lots of roles that make a course run smoothly).

Sign up for Brickworks @ Quantum Technology Club

We recommend that all new licence holders sign up for Brickworks as a way to keep the momentum of learning new things up. But it’s not just for them, many ‘old hands’ in the hobby have never done more than operated voice all the time, maybe local stations on 2m. Brickworks is for them too, to help them open up new horizons.

Sign up for Brickworks at the Quantum Technology Club today and lets see how far we can push those horizons together.