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What is Code Club?

What is Technology Club?


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Quantum Technology Club Annual Buy, Swap & Sell night

Our annual Buy, Swap and Sell night will be held on Thursday 6th June, 2019. The event starts at 8pm, but doors will open at 7:30pm for setting up.

Everyone is welcome, including visitors, to come along and buy, swap or sell their technology including amateur radio, computers, making and crafting items.

Entry on the evening is as per normal: £1.50 for members and £3.00 for visitors. Pizza, etc., will be available part-way through the evening for 50p and raffle tickets for the techno-prize of the night will be available for £1 each.

Parking may be an issue on the night so please use the on-site car park, the car park at the top of the lane opposite the church that runs up to the farm (but do not park on the lane itself, it’s likely to get crushed by big articulated trucks) or in nearby roads (but please do park sensibly to allow neighbours to get their own cars in/out of their drives).

We look forward to seeing you on the night.


Areas of interest enjoyed by our members

Our members have interests in many different areas of technology. These include, but are not limited to…

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio @ Quantum Technology Club

Amateur radio is a popular hobby with millions of people around the world; in fact, it was probably the first technical ‘maker’ hobby having started in the late 1800’s.

Licensed amateur radio operators communicate with other licensed operators right around the world and even out in to space; there are amateur radio operators aboard the International Space Station and it is their preferred backup communications mode.

Modes of communication include: voice, CW (Morse Code), digital voice, data modes, still imagery (SSTV) and video (FSTV). Other specialist areas within the hobby include: electronic construction, space weather and radio wave propagation studies, antenna design and building and wireless experimentation.

Several members of the Quantum Technology Club are licensed amateur radio operators and we can also deliver the required training courses and exams if you’re interested in getting involved.


Electronics at the Quantum Technology Club

Interest in electronics, as a hobby, has risen enormously over the last few years, due in no small part to the launching of the Raspberry Pi single-board computer and Arduino controllers. These devices enable you to build electronic circuits and then control them using software programs you have written on the devices.

As a result, lots of folk are getting interested to see what they can build and learn some new skills at the same time.

The Quantum Technology Club has several experienced hobbyist electronic experimenters, but also some members who do this as a job. So there is plenty of assistance available to get you started, but also to help you develop your existing skills.

Computer Coding & Web Design

Programming & Web Design @ Quantum Technology Club

Computing has been an established hobby for many years, right back to the days of home computers like the Sinclair ZX-80 and Commodore VIC-20. Since then folk have always been tinkering with their computers, upgrading them, writing programs to get them to do new things.

With the launch of the Raspberry Pi has awakened new interest in programming as a hobby and not just to control electronic circuits; there are folks out there using these £35 computers to run web servers, remote control devices over the Internet, build databases, etc.

At the Quantum Technology Club as we have members who have been programming for years. So whether you’re just trying out programming for the first time, or want to hone your skills, there’ll be somebody who can help you, or somebody you can help. We even have a professional web designer amongst our ranks if that’s your interest.

Raspberry Pi & Arduino

These two devices have spawned a new generation of technology hobbyists. It’s now so easy to get in to designing and building electronic circuits and programming that everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, can get involved – and they are.

The Raspberry Pi alone has now sold over 11 million units and is destined to become the best selling computer of all time, surpassing the Commodore 64 of the 1980’s.

If you want to know what you can do with your raspberry Pi, or Arduino, then why not come along and find out. Alternatively, if you’ve created something, why not come along and inspire other folk to get using their Raspberry Pi.


TechnoCrafting @ Quantum Technology Club

Technology is not just all about computers, electronics and radio communication, there are plenty of other users of technology out there that are involved in a hobby. Take 3D printing, programmable embroidery machines and laser-cutting for just examples; they’re designing products and programming devices to help them manufacture them.

At the Quantum Technology Club we welcome crafters who use technology. In fact, one of our members has over £1,000 of programmable embroidery machine to produce club shirts and would welcome help and advice in how to use it properly.


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