The Quantum Amateur Radio & Technology Society (QuARTS) is a membership group. However, unlike other similar hobby groups, you do not need to be a member to attend our meetings; everyone is welcome, our activities are for all to enjoy, member or not. So why should you join Quantum?


We charge subs at each meeting to help raise funds for the club and contribute towards the activities we undertake at those meetings and throughout the year.

Visitors and friends pay £4.00 per meeting, whilst members enjoy reduced subs of £2.00. Based on attending twenty meetings per year, members save £20 per year (visitors would pay £80 in subs, members pay £20 membership, fee plus £40 in subs). Members can also pay their subs up-front with their membership fee and save an extra £5 (just £35 for subs paid up-front).

Have your say

Everyone who joins QuARTS has a say in how the group is organised and operated; every fully paid-up member is automatically enrolled as a committee member.

Make a contribution

All QuARTS members have the opportunity to undertake a role within the club. There are three administration officers (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer), but loads of other jobs need to be done too; e.g. publicity, membership, social media, event organisation, cooking the Pizza, etc.

Access to member-only communication channels

All members can join our Facebook member-only group, Discord server and access our website’s members-only pages.

Personalised branded clothing and accessories

Members can purchase exclusive, personalised, branded clothing and accessories. This range includes shirts, hoodies and jackets; all personalised with your name and, optionally, amateur radio callsign.

Low cost membership

We deliberately keep our membership fees low to encourage as many people as possible, over the age of 16, to join. We don’t have concessions, everyone pays the same low fee of £20 per year.

Anybody aged up to, and including, 16, who is interested in joining QuARTS will be enrolled in the Quantum Code Club which is free of charge.

Join now and enjoy the benefits

Join now using our, brand new for 2022, online membership system.