Free Code Club for young people

Who can attend Code Club?

The age range for our Code Club is 9 to 16. This is wider than Code Club’s normal age range but we have received permission from the Code Club organisation to extend this range to give as many young people as possible the opportunity o have fun with technology.

If you’re older than 16 and want to have fun with technology, then why not come along to the Quantum Technology Club; we do similar things but our toys are bigger and more expensive.

Who runs the Code Club?

All of the folk that run the Code Club are unpaid volunteers and over the age of 16. They have all undergone the Code Club training course and a DBS check.

How much does it cost to attend Code Club?


Our normal meetings are completely free-of-charge to attend.

From time-to-time will give members an opportunity to build a project that they can take away and keep; there may be a charge for some of these but we will seek you permission before we proceed with these tasks.