Rebecca Hughes (amateur radio callsign M6BUB) is an active member of the Quantum Technology Club. However, she is also a member of the Radio Society of Great Britain’s (RSGB’s) Youth Committee. One of the their main focuses for the last eighteen months has been the organisation of this years Youngsters on the Air 2017 (YOTA 2017) event.

YOTA 2017 hosted by the RSGB at Gilwell ParkYOTA an annual event

YOTA is as annual event which young licensed amateur radio operators from throughout Region 1 (Europe, Africa, Middle East and Northern Asia) attend for a summer camp in a different country each year. This year it is the UK’s turn to host the event and the RSGB’s Youth Committee has played a major role in organising activities for the young folk to enjoy.

YOTA a multinational and multicultural event

In previous year YOTA has been held in Austria, Belgium & the Netherlands, Estonia, Finland and Italy. This year 80 young people will attend from 30 countries, including one group from as far afield as Japan. They will take part in a mixture of amateur radio, technical and multicultural activities at Gilwell Park, one of the Scouts‘ largest camping and activity centres in the UK.

Those attending will take part in a number of exciting and interesting activities, including…

YOTA 2017 AwardYOTA 2017 award

Helping out at YOTA 2017 will be supported by several local amateur radio clubs and members of Gilwell Park’s own Radio Scouting leaders. Together they will be operating an amateur radio special event station using the callsign GB17YOTA.

If you make contact with the YOTA station three times on three different bands (any mode) then you can apply for the YOTA 2017 award.